Best Female R&B Groups of the ’90s

Not only were they awesome performers, these women influenced a generation of young girls and, in some cases, became pop culture icons. Rankings were determined by these factors: Groups that dropped strong albums throughout the decade get higher marks. Groups that became industry and cultural trendsetters were moved up the list. Nothing more, nothing less. Keep that in mind especially for the group that landed at No. Check out the list, then fill up your playlists with these classic albums. Their voices were absolutely stunning. Too bad their run ended so quickly. No Doubt , gold ; , platinum Edd said:

18 More Cartoons That Defined Our ’90s Childhood

The lyrics were fun, sad, familiar, but now cliche, and understandable. The production of the songs was perfect. The instrumental hooks were filled with screaming fiddles, waning steel guitars, and even simple acoustic sounds. Arguably their best song was Queen of Memphis. The song is catchy and fun.

Peter Pan is a play written by J. M. Barrie in about a boy who refused to grow up. The story has been adapted many times, first by Barrie himself as the novel Peter Pan and Wendy in , and subsequently as musicals, feature films, and television series. One of the better known film.

Faster than Chrome, with a built-in Ad Blocker. Top Best Songs of the 90s Coming up with a list of the top songs of the 90s was no picnic. Bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam introduced grunge, a sub-genre of rock that enjoyed huge popularity in the first half of the 90s. It was also a decade of one hit wonders where a seemingly unprecedented number of bands and solo artists enjoyed huge hits only to fade away and never be heard from again.

With all this to balance in building my list of the best songs of the 90s it took a lot of agonizing to narrow it down to a mere Without further ado, here are the songs: One Headlight made it all the way to number 2 on the Billboard Hot and also spent some time as the 1 video on VH1. She took advantage of the dance music craze of the nineties, taking this high energy tune all the way to 1 in several countries and earning a Grammy for her efforts.

Their debut album Ten was a huge smash hit, and this song was their first release from the album. Linger was a surprise ballad from this alternative rock band.

Top 20 Best Rush Songs

The group disbanded soon after; Horn became a full-time record producer and Howe and Downes co-formed Asia. Squire and White stuck together and continued to write material, including their Christmas single ” Run with the Fox “. The two entered sessions with Jimmy Page with the aim of forming a supergroup named XYZ , but the project was shelved. By , South African guitarist, singer-songwriter and producer Trevor Rabin had moved to Los Angeles and sent a tape with several demos to record labels with the intent of releasing a fourth solo album.

Carson invited Rabin to meet and play with Squire and White in London; Rabin recalled the first sessions “didn’t sound great but it felt good His songs, including ” Owner of a Lonely Heart “, ” Hold On “, and ” Changes “, [5] were more commercial and pop-oriented and less complex in structure.

18 Cartoons From The ‘90s You Probably Forgot Existed. How could we have forgotten some of these animated classics?!

This entry was posted in Blogs by Ben Sommer. SD1 Available Light is truly one of their most underrated classics. And, as another fan of all their eras, I like the variety. Agreed with Louis on the diversity of what Rush fans like. Thanks for the list, very well thought out reasons for the opinions, and accurate.

Been a fan since

The 50 best Australian songs of the 90s

Some call it good-time oldies, Soul, and Rhythm ‘n Blues. Hook at that time, but hey, I’m evolving too! Our Mission To provide the largest network of Beach Music and Shag aficianados in the world with the history, past and present, of the music you love. In addition, we provide access to beach music and shag dancing history, including presentations from Shagging in the Carolinas, the Beach Music Guide, even How to Shag in one minute, rapidly becoming one of our most popular, and effective, presentations.

Company Profile The Endless Summer Network currently on hiatus provided several perspectives on Beach and Shag music to listeners worldwide. However, we know there are many of you who like yours on the somewhat more energetic, sometimes dark, side.

We here at VH1 haven’t forgotten that the ’90s was a decade flush with a number of stone classic R&B tracks. In the latest installment of VH1’s long-running series The Greatest, we’re going deep.

And who could forget the ladies in cages? Born To Sing Year: Jade To The Max Year: Heck, I might make the intro my voicemail just to pay tribute. Produced by Missy Elliot and Key Beats, this lady anthem from the Nevada-hailing trio went gold and still gets those with XX-chromosomes revved up. Accompanied by a spooky video where a reaper-like character comes to take the souls of those who pass, this song has potential to be memorable for decades.

Ginuwine… The Bachelor Year: Keep The Faith Year: The upbeat video featured the talented Notorious B. Original Soundtrack Album Year: Whit sang background vocals on the original! Forever My Lady Year: B-featured classic video, Mimi gets to play around in an amusement park while singing along to a Tom Tom Club sample.

18 More Cartoons That Defined Our ’90s Childhood

The Top Ten 1 Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana This is the greatest song of all time, changed the decade, ruled the generation, and never will be forgotten. Thank you Nirvana for creating this song. Personally, I go through different musical cravings. Songs like this are so hard and thrashy on the outside, but the lyrics incorporated are so incredibly emotional. Other songs that fit into this category: It’s the most honest song written and sung by a rock artist.

If you’re looking for the 50 best songs of the ’90s, you’ve come to the right place. Sadly, ‘Cotton Eye Joe’ by Rednex and ‘Macarena’ by Los Del Rio didn’t quite make the cut, but the difficult.

If you’re in public when it begins on your iPod, shove your hands in your pockets immediately to keep from undulating like a member of the song’s gospel choir. If you’re in a karaoke bar, someone better grab that microphone pronto, before another cross erupts into flames as penance for your pop-music sins. That’s because “Like a Prayer” is among the best pop songs of all time.

The hum of the choir at the start crescendos in a way that still demands everyone leap from their seats. It’s just ’80s enough to have catapulted to ubiquity within weeks of its release, but it’s timeless enough to remain a staple of contemporary-flashback radio. It helps, too, that the song sparked a flame of controversy. Its video, directed by frequent early-Madonna collaborator Mary Lambert, depicts white supremacy, an interracial romance and Madonna crooning in front of Ku Klux Klan-style burning crosses.

It seems tame compared to Madge’s later videos, but the religious controversy resulted in protests. Madonna shrugged off the contention, and rightfully so. Critics praised the song, which spent three weeks at No.

Top 10 Joe Jackson Songs

The most popular fads from decades past Find out what was popular when your parents were kids, or take a nostalgic trip down memory lane from your own childhood: Beanie Babies As one of the most popular, endearing and widespread fads of the last 25 years, one would imagine that Beanie Babies must have some type of unique and incredible attributes.

Instead, they are simply small, inexpensively priced, stuffed animals with a tag stating the animal’s name and birth date. Despite logic, the stuffed animals created an almost cutthroat collecting frenzy, which inadvertently spawned magazines, websites and fan clubs. In , Beanie Babies made their debut and were being sold in early in Chicago area stores. As word of mouth cast attention on the stuffed animals, interest, and therefore, sales of the toys grew significantly.

I Love the ’90s: Part Deux is an American television special on VH1 about s culture with 10 episodes. It premiered on January 17, This series is a sequel to I Love the ’90s and the title is a reference to the comedy, Hot Shots! Part was presented by Emma Bunton, Ben Stein, Jay and Silent Bob, Russ Leatherman, Andrea Zuckerman, A. Jay Popoff and Jeremy Popoff.

I feel like listing things has gotten to be the sad land of the uncreative but whatever, I have a job. That clearly excuses not trying. That is what this comes out of. Switchfoot tows the line between secular horseshit and Needtobreathe-like bullshit. Neither are good things to tow the line on. This is probably their weakest single, though. It also does that annoying thing were music is a personal neg to its listeners. That never ends well. Why does love always feel like a battlefield?

Because you found out your boyfriend likes video games and you freaked out that there was one outlier to your bland coupling. I hate James Blake. Well, 90s alt rock bullshit nostalgia, anyway.

Top 50 Rap Songs of the 90s

The melody here is impeccable, and Shekhar does an exemplary job with the vocals, and the choice of Chinmayi takes the song to an all new level. Also, almost 3 and a half minutes into the song comes the solo antara — a smart way to close the tune! But, the duo did compose it and what a song this is! The one small thing that irks is the backing vocal chorus that accompanies Kailash towards the end, starting 3: But then those irresistibly foot-tapping rhythm starts and things change.

Found on: Something/Anything? () Todd Rundgren picked up right where The Beatles and Beach Boys left off with this ultra-melodic easy listening classic. This is another one of those songs the ’70s seemed to specialize in, namely the fact that it sounds like a love song but is really a break-up tune.

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Top 10 Joe Jackson Songs

Vassilis Online via Visualhunt. The scene of life when someone walks into a dusty tavern with a slow, sad song playing on the jukebox. It sounds like the record is too old and might not continue spinning.

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Shania Twain ‘s farewell tour kicks off this week, which makes it a good time to attempt to pick the ten greatest Twain songs. This might actually be mathematically impossible — it would be difficult to even pick the ten strongest tracks on Come On Over, her masterpiece. So this list starts with two caveats. First, honorable mention goes to every Twain song not on the list. I Feel Like A Woman! Consider the track’s absence a testament to the depth and durability of this singer’s catalog.

With that out of the way, here are Shania’s ten most compelling tracks, in chronological order. At the time, she was just a superb country singer, rather than a superhuman category-buster. This is the lead track from her self-titled debut album, and it’s a strong first statement: But this one’s simultaneously tragic and amusing in a way that only country can be: Twain sings about a series of couples that are breaking up and concludes, “when loves moves out, there goes the neighborhood.

Mariah Carey – We Belong Together