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Mr Erdogan moved rapidly over the weekend to round up his adversaries, arresting more than 6, soldiers, including senior military leaders, and judges, suspected of involvement. So many soldiers have been detained that the lower ranked conscripts have been locked in schools and gymnasiums in the capital, Ankara. Mr Erdogan has hinted he may reintroduce the death penalty, which the country abolished in in line with its bid to join the European Union. Guenther Oettinger, the European Commissioner, said Mr Erdogan would move Turkey away from the core values represented by the EU and the Nato defence alliance, of which Turkey has been a crucial member in the fight against Isil, if he decided to use the attempted coup to restrict basic democratic rights further. President Barack Obama said he was concerned by pictures showing the rough treatment of some of the arrested coup plotters, some of whom appeared stripped to their underwear and handcuffed behind their backs. He said Turkey would request an extradition order for Fethullah Gulen, an Islamist cleric and longtime foe of the president who lives in self-imposed exile in the US, so that he could stand trial in Ankara. Mr Gulen said on Sunday he would obey any extradition ruling from the United States. He has insisted that he had nothing to do with the uprising and suggested that Mr Erdogan could have staged the attack himself in order to legitimise a fresh crackdown on the judiciary and military.

Ankara and Washington’s dirty little secrets have kept the war in Syria going

During the 9th and 8th centuries BCE, the city grew into the capital of a kingdom that controlled much of Asia Minor west of the river Halys. The kings of Phrygia built large tombs near Gordium called tumuli , which consist of artificial mounds constructed over burial chambers. There are about one hundred of them, covering both cremations and inhumations.

In the 8th century, the lower city and the area to the north of the citadel was surrounded by a circuit wall with regularly spaced towers.

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Turkish people love to meet new friends and think nothing of spending half the day talking to a complete stranger while putting the world to rights. With this in mind, I have put together a guide on Turkish culture and social traditions that you will encounter when visiting Turkey. You will hear this phrase often in Turkey, more so if you visit the traditional Turkish restaurants and bars rather than establishments aimed at tourists.

Culturally women do not go in there. Instead look for a Turkish tea garden where couples and families will go. If you are in any doubt, take a look at who else is there. Countless amounts of tables filled with men playing backgammon means it is a no go area for females. Social gatherings You will probably find yourself invited to a wedding or a circumcision party by a Turkish person even if you have only known them for a couple of days.

The motto here is the more the merrier and the word stranger is not even thought of. Whether alcohol will at the venue is dependent on the family and their background. If there is anything you need to know at the time, then someone at the event will inform you of what is happening.

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Expat Life Are expat women safe in Turkey? According to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, it is the 18th most likely country in the world for Brits to require assistance while abroad, with high rates of violence against women in comparison to other European countries. In February, year-old female student Ozgecan Aslan was brutally murdered after she resisted an alleged attempt to rape her by a minibus driver taking her home.

Others talked of making escape plans and avoiding crowded places such as shopping malls. I was jumpy during my first few months here too — every low flying plane or loud noise set my heart racing.

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The province boasts historical landmarks, Ottoman architecture, Turkish traditions and culture. Owing to its geographical location, Ankara is an important transportation hub and a number of government buildings, commercial businesses, universities and foreign embassies are seen throughout the city. A number of local and foreign visitors come to Ankara in their beautiful vehicles with impressive side steps , side mirrors, bumpers, etc.

The following fascinating spots make Ankara a real appeal for tourists from across the globe: Atakule Wikimedia Commons by Elelicht The most famous landmark and a most visited spot of Turkey is m high observation and communication tower located in a hilly district of Cankaya in Central Ankara. Sevilla, a revolving restaurant located in the open outdoor terrace, provides a complete panoramic view of the city in a hour. There is also a shopping mall on the base portion of the tower housing different brand shops like Bilstein , etc.

It appeals to the local families as well as to the international tourists as a place of equal entertainment to the people of all age groups. This beautiful park features various tea gardens, colorful water fountain shows and the Luna Park Funfair Amusement Park. Besides, there is also a huge swimming pool, different carrousels and the Ferris wheel to entertain the children and the adults alike.

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The national flag consists of a white crescent open toward the fly and a white star on a red field. The new Turkish lira ytl was introduced in There are coins of 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 Kurus, and 1 lira. The metric system is the legal standard. Comparatively, the area occupied by Turkey is slightly larger than the state of Texas. It is bordered on the n by the Black Sea, on the ne by Georgia and Armenia , on the e by Iran , on the se by Iraq , on the s by Syria and the Mediterranean Sea , on the w by the Aegean Sea, and on the nw by Greece and Bulgaria , with a total land boundary of 2, km 1, mi and a coastline of 7, km 4, mi.

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Bring fact-checked results to the top of your browser search. Marriage and family life The traditional rural household consisted of a man, his wife, his adult sons and their wives, and his young children and grandchildren. On the death of the household head, this large household broke up into as many first-generation households as there were sons, each beginning the process again. The former high death rate among adult men, the lack of living sons, and, very rarely, quarrels between generations made these large households a minority of all households at any one time.

Thus, although most villagers probably lived some part of their lives in such a household, most village households at any given time contained only parents and children, with perhaps other random relatives. The average size of a household was probably between five and six persons. In most rural areas household heads were grouped in patrilineal lineages or clans—that is, a group of men descended only through males from a common ancestor, usually a great-grandfather but perhaps an even earlier ancestor.

Such lineages were concerned primarily with mutual support and defense within the village, and the members often had adjacent houses and lands. This traditional organization persists in many areas. Traditional village weddings involve elaborate ceremonies and last several days. Large transfers of wealth often are involved.

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Mevlana Museum in Konya was built by the Seljuk Turks in Konya was the capital of the Seljuk Sultanate of Rum Anatolia. In , the Seljuks defeated the Byzantines at the Battle of Manzikert , starting the Turkification process in the area; the Turkish language and Islam were introduced to Armenia and Anatolia, gradually spreading throughout the region.

The slow transition from a predominantly Christian and Greek -speaking Anatolia to a predominantly Muslim and Turkish -speaking one was underway. The Mevlevi Order of dervishes , which was established in Konya during the 13th century by Sufi poet Celaleddin Rumi , played a significant role in the Islamization of the diverse people of Anatolia who had previously been Hellenized.

In its wake, one of the Turkish principalities governed by Osman I would evolve over the next years into the Ottoman Empire.

WOMEN IN TURKEY “Education is a precept for all Muslims, women and men” (Inscription over the entrance to Ulug Bey Madrasah in Bukhara, built in ).

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A lot of tourists stop by here in transit, for a day or two, but there’s not a whole lot to see here on the tourist trek, so most folks don’t stay too long. I was here, basically, for 3 days. It was enough to see all the important landmarks of the city. Here, I couch surfed with three roommates. Two Turkish girls and their German roommate.

It was fun to stay with another foreigner because she was really interested in doing some sightseeing while I was in town.

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We advise against all travel to this area. There is extreme risk to your security in the city of Diyarbakir, in south-east Turkey, due to ongoing security force operations in the Sur district and we advise against all travel. High Risk There is high risk to your security in Ankara and Istanbul due to the heightened threat of terrorism and potential for civil unrest.

We advise against all tourist and other non-essential travel to these cities.

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Ukrainians in Turkey Join Our Exciting Events in Turkey Attend our monthly events and activities for Turkey expatriates to get to know like-minded expatriates in real life. Our Global Partners Moving to Turkey Becoming an expat in Turkey is your chance to experience a unique country with a rich heritage that dates back to antiquity!

Get a glimpse of what Turkey has in store for you: Figuring out the intricacies of everyday life in Turkey might take some time, though! Let our guide give you a good idea of contemporary Turkey, from healthcare and housing to schools for expat kids. Working in Turkey If you thought of Turkey mainly as a tourist destination, think again!

Many expats are drawn to Turkey not only due to its hospitality and warm climate, but also for the many business opportunities. Our guide has details on working in Turkey and tips on the job search and business etiquette. Exchange Tips about living in Turkey Get trustworthy advice and local insights from fellow members in our Turkey expat forums.

Whether you choose to move to Turkey for business or pleasure, you are sure to find rewarding experiences and make unforgettable memories.

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