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For a precise, comfortable fit, suits are available in many stock colors and 61 standard “off the rack” sizes Men’s 34 to 54 and Women’s 2 to 20, most in short, regular, and long lengths. Custom size alterations and most optional features must be added at the time of manufacture. Custom-altered suits are not returnable for refund or exchange. Select additional alterations or adjustments may be available at the purchaser’s expense. Some alterations are not available in combination. Roadcrafter Custom Sleeve Length Shorten or lengthen up to a total of 2″ above elbow, below elbow, or a combination of both.


Flat tires can result in big problem, and most pneumatic tires of the vehicles are tubeless tires. These tires do not use an internal tube to keep air in. They actually hold the air inside the tire and an airtight steel body. The tire is perfectly sealed with the help of a sealant before inflating the tire.

How to Install a Towing Wiring Connector in a Motorcycle Trailer by ManikRathee. views How to Install Tire Valves in Trailer Tires by calebogden. views. How to Deactivate How to Hook up my New Double DIN Car Stereo by shanehudson. views. How to Hook Up a PlayStation 3 to an Older-Model TV by shanehudson.

Take your bike with you without the hassle of towing a trailer too! Call us at Just pull in your motorcycle, secure it to the caddy, spin the jack handle to raise the front end and away you go. Be sure to take your bike out of gear before you pull away. The McCaddy requires the front wheel be strapped through the spaces in the wheel, so solid front wheels will not work with this product. May not be suitable for towing drive shaft motorcycles, most scooters and other bikes like the Yamaha TW Be sure to check with your dealer and read your owner’s manual to be sure your bike will not be damaged towing in neutral.

Please measure your receiver opening before ordering a Motorcycle Caddy! I recently received an e-mail from a rider with an pound Harley Road King. He asked if the McCaddy would handle his bike. I posed the question to Gary at the factory and here is his answer: The caddy is rated for lbs, and the tongue weight rating for most hitches is also lbs. The caddy would probably work fine for this bike, however it will more than likely exceed the weight limit.

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One is called Driving a Sidecar Outfit There is also one that was a translation from German that has a lot more technical information, called “Riding with a Sidecar”. This was translated and is available in America This CD is entitled: I have no idea about the CD availability, although maybe someone has one that could be duplicated. I have some disagreements with a few places in some books about driving a sidecar outfit; and, with the organization, Evergreen, and its policies and methods and what I feel are some errors in content.

Oct 15,  · Best Paddle Tire for a TE Discussion in ‘4 Stroke’ started by ST Rich, Oct 12, Husqvarna Motorcycle: wr Other Motorcycles: but I would think they could easily spin 10 paddle tires at will. More paddles = more hook up = needs torque. If the riding is mostly crusing through dunes, you may want to gear down as you may.

Born to Ride Perfectly sufficient but objectionally harsh over sharp bumps around town not even on the highway , is absolutely not a positive review of the rear suspension. There are plenty of bikes that are beautiful and have functional shock absorbers. Gruf Rude The foot forward, no rear suspension cruiser is just un-rideable for me. I was forced onto this style for a complete day twice in my career while going through the MSF Instructor course and it hurt my admittedly bad back so much I declined to take the position heh, heh as instructor.

Cruisers apparently work well for many, but not for me. Born to Ride The riding position is better with floorboards and a bigger saddle, and the position is far more comfortable when there is a nice cushy set of shocks under you. I can ride my dads T-Bird all day no problem. I like to hook my heels over the edge of the floorboards on my Guzzi. This bike is a full, frame, suspension redesign away from being decent.

A Sabre V65 looks better, handles better, is more comfortable.

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This is compounded by the large number of “tubeless compatible” tires and rims out there that, while not being UST certified, can also work quite well. With a list of questions in hand, we reached out to Mavic’s Zack Vestal for an explanation of how the UST design works, and to clarify some rim and tire compatibility reservations that we had. What does UST stand for, and what exactly is it? UST stands for Universal Standard Tubeless, and it refers to a very specific, two-part system consisting of the rim and the tire.

offers 3, motorcycle hook products. About 10% of these are motorcycle body parts, 5% are springs, and 4% are other motorcycle accessories. A wide variety of motorcycle hook options are available to you, such as broaching, braided rope, and hand tool.

Fleet TPMS Are any additional components required for the tire pressure monitoring system to function properly? Contact Doran to discuss the specific application and if any additional components are required or recommended for optimal system performance. Integration with 3rd party telematics providers allows data to be uploaded and stored in a remote system which can store more data for a longer period of time.

Doran monitors are patented with a “sleep mode” so that data transmissions from tire pressure sensors are received while the ignition is keyed off. Active tire pressure readings are visible on the Doran display. Yes, it is possible to expand the Doran system by adding additional tire pressure sensors. There are multiple reasons for an alarm to be triggered on a Doran tire pressure monitoring system: Air pressure has dropped This alert will continuously transmit once per second until low pressure is corrected or a button is pressed to place Monitor in Quiet Mode.

A rapid loss of air pressure 4. The tire pressure sensor has captured a temperature reading of deg F 80deg C The Doran monitor has not received a transmission from a programmed tire pressure sensor for over 60 minutes.

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How to Tie Down a Harley to a Trailer by David Machado Placing a motorcycle on a trailer is not difficult, but proper procedures and equipment must be used to prevent damage to the motorcycle and injury to the user. Techniques are similar, although trailer styles and types may vary, and individuals tend to develop their own methods. Once a technique is learned and understood, it can be done by one person in just a few minutes. Proper preparation of the trailer is a must.

Check the trailer for permanent tie-down locations. Find two on the front and two on the back.

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Top 10 Drag Racing tips from the Pros By: Chris Parent Drag Racing is a sport enjoyed by many. But how does one become competitive? What are the most important things to know? It can take some people years to get the information they need. I have compiled a top 10 list for you so that you can get the advantage over your competition! I hate to say it, but this is the most commonly over looked tip. Maybe it’s the machismo of being at the track, or the “I know what I’m doing” attitude, but safety at the track should be job 1.

With 1 pass, there’s a lot of people that you need to think about; Driver, crew, track employees, spectators are all there and potentially in harms way. Take your time, make yourself a safety check list, and enjoy the day. After all, you usually have hours in between a passes, and passes are just a few seconds.

Take the time to check, and double check all of your safety gear. Are your seat belts legal? Is your helmet approved?

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Sam Wheeler is getting ready for another Bonneville run. The land speed racing veteran is retooling the E-Z-Hook streamliner for the world record, and coveted first-to mph title. Machined side plate jack shaft support. The back end of the E-Z-Hook has been re-engineered to mate with the new drive-train components. Lake Gairdner, Australia March Roger and Sam are high school friends, and built their first streamliner then.

Shinko Hook-up Drag Rear Motorcycle Tire zr 73w For Aprilia, Bmw $ More Listings Most Relevant \ Soonest Ending \ Lowest Price \ High To Low \ Newest Filter By Pricing Less Than $ \ Less Than $ \ Less Than $ \ Less Than $ \ Less Than $ \ Less Than $ \ Less Than $ \ Less Than $ \ Less Than $ \ Less.

That was in June and I finally got it replaced this past weekend. The expectation was to remove the wheel and then take the tire off before replacing the valve stem. A good half hour job or more. Fortunately, Jeff was home at the time and he had a little device that turned this into a five minute job. With the bike on the centerstand, Jeff pulled out a portable bead breaker, which is like a set of tongs with plates at the squeezing end and enough length in the handles to get leverage.

After releasing the air, he positioned the plates on the sides of the tire by the valve and squeezed. That broke the bead free from the wheel and with a couple tire irons to keep the tire shoved aside, Ron removed the old valve stem and then reached in to insert the new one. Hook up the air pump and give it a blast and presto! Job completely finished, just that quick. This new valve stem will make it easier to put air in. Not only that, but this new valve stem is a big improvement over the last one.

The last one was the typical rubber kind, whereas this new one is a metal stem with a 90 degree bend that makes it easy to get the air hose onto it. You can see it there in that photo.

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